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TransitFeeds Retrieve a list of feeds.

Used this API to retrieve a list of feeds in the system. Doing so can be usedful to discover feed IDs that can be used in other API calls.

TransitFeeds Retrieve a list of versions of specified (or all) feeds.

This API call allows you to easily see every single feed update in the system. Since this can be quite long, it's also possible to filter this list by a single feed ID.

TransitFeeds Retrieve the download URL for the latest version of a feed.

Once you have used `/getFeeds` to discover a feed's URL, you can use this endpoint to download its latest version from TranstiFeeds. It will be unmodified in the original format from the provider.

TransitFeeds Retrieve a list of locations.

Retrieve a list of locations. Each location (except for the root) has a parent location, and each location has zero or more child locations. This hierarchy is generally structured so countries contain states, states contain cities (although this t...

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